The activities of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Prevention and Protection Department refer not only to employee protection but also to the protection of suppliers conducting their activities on Bank premises. The activities consist in sharing current Health and Safety rules with them, ensuring that their employees operate according to suitable standards and guaranteeing that no risks arise from interference between the activities of the various suppliers and those of Bank staff.

In 2015, in order to reduce the risks to the health and safety of the personnel working on contract for the Bank, an inspection was conducted on about 400 properties associated with credit impairment and recognised as held until their permanent disposal. The results of that inspection, carried out on site, led to the drafting of a document for each site containing the accident and environmental risks, which was delivered to both maintenance work contractors and, for the first time, to the firm in charge of the inspection service. At the same time, a specific course to this end was attended by the Bank employees who will be required to accompany the maintenance operators in their works.

Finally, a new initiative is being planned with the aim to integrate the formal verification system of the technical and professional suitability of businesses and self-employed workers, with substantial elements identified through the reports of the officers in charge and the audits conducted on the field by the Prevention and Protection Service.