Also for 2015, Intesa Sanpaolo's commitment in the context of commercial initiatives targeted at the community takes place in the context of close synergy and trust with local and national bodies and institutions for the implementation of initiatives and events in the cultural, artistic, social and sporting field. This commitment confirms the belief of being able to intervene on the community in a positive way, not only on the classic economic drivers of business competitiveness, but also in terms of support to the cohesion and vitality of the territories and also in the inclusion of young people and women in the job market.

The Group's activities were mainly aimed to pursue the following objectives:

  • safeguarding and enhancing the country’s cultural heritage, by promoting and sharing the Group’s artistic heritage with the public, supporting the main cultural and music initiatives and making them accessible to a wide and varied audience. These activities include, for example, collaborations with theatres and cultural festivals - including the MITO International Music Festival and the project The Places of the Heart made with the FAI-Italian Fund for the Environment which in 2015 triggered a series of activities that led to the identification of 23 interventions in 10 Italian regions on places of the heart reported by the 2014 survey;
  • supporting research to promote new opportunities for economic and social development through collaborations with leading foundations and institutions like the Toniolo Institute with the 2015 Youth Report, the Einaudi Center and the Community Media Research for LaST research (Laboratorio sulla Società e il Territorio), a survey designed to record values, guidelines and expectations of Italian people towards quality of life, good citizenship, forms of social and community cohesion;
  • promoting sustainability as a value for businesses and a confidence factor for customers through participation in initiatives within the scope of Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility;
  • supporting social hardship through targeted initiatives such as the Giornata della Colletta Alimentare (Food Collection Day) that the bank has supported for years and which in 2015 collected 8,990 tons of food distributed to more than 8,000 charitable organisations for support to about 1 and a half million people in need;
  • promoting the inclusion of women in the workplace through the support of the innovative WorkHER web platform that facilitates the interaction between women and work (see the Internet site "Support for production");
  • promoting the value of sport, mainly among young people, highlighting the importance of universal values like dedication and commitment in exceeding one's limits, principles shared also by the best business culture. In 2015 we report the partnership with Progetto Junior of Armani Basket Milano and the support to the University Master's Degree, level I, in Sports Business Strategies organized by Verde Sport in collaboration with Ca' Foscari University of Venice.