The Intesa Sanpaolo Group takes a responsible and active role in support and collaboration within the local areas and communities in which it operates. It also promotes and implements international projects in areas in difficulty.

The Group's commitment in the community takes on various forms, such as: donations, aimed at handling temporary situations of difficulty in the regions as well as for long-term solidarity interventions; sponsorships supporting various projects; substantial investments in art and culture; volunteer initiatives and programmes involving employees of some of the Group's International Subsidiaries.

2015 contribution and breakdown

In 2015, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group recorded overall contributions to the community, measured based on the model of the London Benchmarking Group (LBG), of 56.7 million euro, representing 1.23% of the income before tax from continuing operations1.

The majority of the contribution is paid in cash and the 2015 amount was 53 million euro (93.6%), while 0.1% consists of time contributions and 6.3% of management costs (personnel, administrative and communication expenses).

Total contributions to the community by type in 2015(thousands of euro)
Monetary contribution to the community 53,031
Goods and services donated to the community 2
Time contributions 70
Operating costs 3,550
Total 56,653

Cash contributions are classified based on the reason and broken down as follows:

  • 40.9% consists of commercial initiatives (mainly sponsorships) with community benefit, contributing to social causes while simultaneously promoting the Intesa Sanpaolo brand and business.
  • approximately 51.2% consists of community investments - contributions characterised by long-term plans and/or strategic partnerships and/or of significant amounts - up 16 percentage points from 2013, as concrete evidence of the increasingly strategic activity of the Group, oriented toward long-term collaborations that ensure a real benefit and value for the local area.
  • the remaining 7.9% consists of charitable gifts, of an occasional nature and for small amounts, including match giving initiatives (donations by the Bank during fund collection campaigns, combined with the donations of employees or customers).

1 Income before tax from continuing operations, totalling 4,597 million euro, presented in the reclassified income statement of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.