Developing a common culture based on corporate values and fostering a sense of belonging among colleagues: these are the main objectives of the internal communication activities. An integrated system of tools, such as the Intranet, Corporate TV, the house organ, the collaborators' structured listening, promotes the dissemination of new business and professional models providing personnel with adequate information and motivations that facilitate involvement, the sharing of objectives and active participation in the changes.

During 2015, a A widespread and specific listening was conducted for the various business structures and divisions, with surveys and other ad hoc initiatives. The listening organisation through focus groups was also extensive: 21 meetings that involved over 200 colleagues. Another qualitative listening tool are in-depth telephone interviews, involving mainly the heads of the bank's structures. In 2015, they concerned 21 Commercial Managers of the Banca dei Territori and 14 Branch Managers.

Ad hoc surveys and feedback collection are initiatives undertaken with and for the different company departments. Over 40 were conducted in 2015.

Furthermore, colleagues are regularly involved in the collection of ideas and suggestions or are called upon to express their level of satisfaction with top management Web TV interventions. A regular information activity was also ensured to all Group colleagues, in Italy and abroad, on the progress of implementation of the Business Plan in the different business sectors of the Group. The communication and information activities targeted at people working in the company, with regard to both services and industrial relations continued: in this context, an in-depth multimedia communication was carried out on the second-level collective bargaining agreement entered into by the company and trade union organisations in October 2015.

In the Insurance Division, the "Progetto di Ascolto" (Listening Project) was conducted through management, individual and collective meetings with the aim of accommodating colleagues' requests, needs and dreams: 30 collective meetings per Structure and 495 individual meetings managed and conducted by the Head of the Division.

Communication and listening initiatives designed to stimulate the generation of ideas from employees were also carried out at international subsidiaries. Typically, the collection of ideas was of two types: on the one hand free and therefore open to proposals from different thematic areas, on the other hand focused around specific themes of corporate life, such as products, services, improvement of internal processes, resolution of specific problems, communication, working environment, social responsibility activities, volunteering, corporate image. A further distinction consists of the duration of the initiatives, which could be either ongoing or specifically open for defined periods of time.

VÚB Banka boasts the longest running project, "Zapni": in 2015, 125 ideas were collected, 7 of which were implemented, bringing to 137 the ideas implemented from 2009, the year of launch. On the other hand, the programme "Fresh Ideas", aimed at collecting ideas to improve internal processes, create new products, use new technologies and propose new business partnerships to various stakeholders, has been active in Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania since 2014. 16 ideas were received in 2015, while 12 proposals coming from the collection that took place in 2014 were implemented. Alexbank continued, also in 2015, two initiatives focused on the collection of reports and proposals from colleagues relating to CSR and volunteer work projects aimed at bringing aid to certain disadvantaged regions of the country, "CSR 4 My People" (year of launch: 2012) and “Those who need us” (2014). In particular, in the context of this second initiative, 24 ideas were submitted in 2015, 16 of which were implemented.