The Company Safety - Privacy Unit ensures that personal data are collected and processed in accordance with the legal provisions and the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics. All Group personnel participate in training and updates on this issue, through mandatory initiatives online, as well as through classroom meetings and activities focused on specific areas.

The privacy policies found on the Group's Internet sites were updated during 2015 in order to comply with the requirements contained in the specific provision entered into force in June with reference to the use of the so-called cyber cookies while browsing. All parties concerned can find, on the sites of the Group companies, the abbreviated cookie policies and decide whether or not to provide their consent, where necessary.

In the same period, the Data Protection Authority filed 6 requests/reports to other companies belonging to the banking Group: all the necessary inspections were carried out.

The audit and control activities on the subject of monitoring will be strengthened further during 2016, and some specific insights will be conducted on the checks carried out and the inspections relating to the activities of the system administrators and the activities carried out at the head office departments.