In terms of legal disputes, there were a total of 18,000 disputes pending as at 31 December, for a total of 7,916 million euro.

The Parent Company and the network banks have pending disputes for a total amount of 6,319 million euro. More specifically, the disputes pertain to:

  • bankruptcy revocatory actions (382 million euro);
  • settlements in insolvency proceedings (544 million euro);
  • investment services (291 million euro);
  • extra-legal interest and other conditions (820 million euro);
  • banking product disputes (227 million euro);
  • credit position disputes (1,361 million euro);
  • criminal procedures and operational irregularities (113 million euro);
  • transferred credit positions (548 million euro);
  • other civil and administrative disputes (2,033 million euro). There are also labour disputes, for which the appeal often does not quantify the amount sought by way of remuneration/damages.

Other disputes for a total amount of 1,192 million euro are related to other Italian subsidiaries and foreign subsidiaries for an amount of 405 million euro.

The issues with the greatest social impact are:

  • anatocism;
  • investment services;
  • class action suits by Altroconsumo.

With regard to compliance with environmental regulations, for damage caused to the environment following the bank's operations over the last three years, no sanctions of over 3,000 euro were imposed. Even with regard to compliance with regulations on health and safety, no reports or significant sanctions were received or imposed.

For details on disputes in 2015 and a detailed description of the most significant civil and fiscal lawsuits, see the Consolidated Financial Statements (pages 379-386) @.