Why this issue is significant

Offering an excellent service and ensuring differentiated support to the various types of customers allows us to contribute to the welfare and progress of the communities where we operate. Enhancing relations with our customers, through in-depth and systematic listening and effective complaint handling is fundamental in achieving our overall growth strategy and in responding to the needs of trust and proximity expressed by our customers.

The service models adopted by the Business Units aim to guarantee a high degree of customer protection and excellent quality of the products and services offered, and allow us to remain close to customers as and when they wish. The commercial model based on advisory services allows us to tailor the product mix according to the needs of customers, raising purchase awareness. The Group operates with a truly multi-channel model to make banking services increasingly available, in a simple, efficient, flexible manner and at lower cost, providing multiple virtual contact points and greater accessibility of services. We promote development and research and analyse innovative solutions available on the domestic and international markets to identify opportunities for growth, also through partnerships with universities and research centres.



How it is managed
Departments/Functions in charge
2015 Results

Through internal rules and operating guidelines, which also comply with current regulations, dedicated processes and service models, we monitor and manage customer relations, customer satisfaction, complaints and multichannel platforms, monitoring the results over time.

The issue of innovation is governed by the Chief Innovation Officer department, which defines the strategies and guidelines and identifies development opportunities for the Group and for its customers. The department coordinates the implementation of the portfolio of innovation initiatives, seeks and analyses the innovative solutions available on the national and international market, acts as a driver and enabler of innovation initiatives in the territory also through its network of specialists, building partnerships and relationships with businesses, start-ups, incubators, Research centres and national and international Universities.

The marketing functions of the Business Units define the commercial model for customer relations and the methods for analysing satisfaction, complaint handling and the development of new initiatives. The Head Office Department Services provide support to the Business Units’ activities to the extent of their responsibilities.

The Savings Working Group is the Intesa Sanpaolo Group technical body that plays a reporting and decision-making role, focused on issues of asset management for retail customers.

The new service model, characterised by the strategic guidelines of the Business Plan, provides excellent services designed on the different types of customers. The new branch model, launched in mid-2015 in three pilot cities, has been developed with the aim of making people feel "at home", offering open and flexible spaces and integrating the consulting activities with digital channels.

In 2015 the programme "Insieme per la Crescita" (Together for Growth) was spread across the entire sales network. The program consists of management change measures aiming at improving the network’s performance through a stronger focus on customer relationships, thereby increasing customer and employee satisfaction and generating pervasive, permanent change.

The multichannel integration was also further developed with the increase in the products available for purchase through the Internet, mobile banking and remote offering. The contract dematerialisation project continued. This new method of signing documents for the sale of banking, financial and insurance products and services eliminates the need to print documents and contracts to be delivered to customers and filed.

With regard to digital platforms, among the different initiatives worthy of note is Tech Marketplace, the digital platform that provides open innovation opportunities and brings together businesses, SMEs and innovative start-ups, which has already recorded over 5.000 subscriptions.

The Intesa Sanpaolo Project for Expo 2015 has made available to the public over 110 cultural events organised by the Bank, a financial support consisting of a credit line of 15 billion euro available to businesses and the realization of events and presentations which have enabled more than 400 Italian companies to present themselves to the public, to their clients, prospects and to international buyers.

A value service offering could not be achieved without a careful analysis of customer experience, which in 2015 was strongly innovated. The SEIok quality system, now redesigned, provides a synthetic indicator that measures service quality and three families of indices to facilitate the identification of areas for improvement.

Performance indicators and objectives achieved:

Indicator2014 results2015 results2017 objectives
Insieme per la crescita Launched the management change plan on 1,400 branches The plan was extended to the whole Network: approximately 4,300 branches.
Customer satisfaction: average level equal to 43/100
Branch barometer: synthetic gauge vote 7.3.
Over 100,000 questionnaires in one year
Customer and employee satisfaction and performance improvement
Customer Experience systematic surveys  

E-mail surveys on Branch sales (cards, accounts, mortgages, loans and small business loans) and Advisory Services to Retail Customers.

  • 656,000 target customers 
  • 83,000 opinions expressed
  • 6,400 customers contacted by Contact Unit 
Net satisfaction index: 38

E-mail and SMS surveys on sales (cards, accounts, mortgages, loans and small business loans) and Advisory Services and cash operations to Retail Customers.

  • approximately 6 million target customers 
  • approximately 450,000 opinions expressed 
Net satisfaction index up from 2014: 41
Measuring the satisfaction perceived by customers on all customer-bank points  of contact and on all channels (branch, online, telephone and chat)

Improving customer experience on all contact and customer relationship areas using the customer's voice to implement improvement plans for the processes and services provided.
Maintenance of the average response times to customer
complaints and claims (Parent Company) in line with reference  regulations (R/R)/internal regulations (I/R)
45 days for complaints on investment services and activities vs. 90 days R/R

20 days for ordinary complaints vs 30 days R/R

22 days for customer complaints vs 30 days (I/R)
46 days for complaints on investment services and activities vs. 90 days R/R

19 days for ordinary complaints vs 30 days R/R

21 days for customer complaints vs 30 days (I/R)
Keeping performance indexes high when listening to customers
Digitalisation of contracts Project started On all Personal branches and sub-branches and in over 500 Retail branches for the contracts and documents of numerous services. Customer experience improvement, reduction in waiting times and simplification of processes
Integrated multichannel development (*) 4.923 million multichannel customers
(approx. +500,000)
5.385 million multichannel customers
(+ 460,000 approximately; + 955,000 since 2013)
7.879 million multichannel customers
Creation of the Chief Innovation Officer Governance Area The Department was set up and the activities were launched The Department is fully operational Helping to push ahead the Bank’s ranking in the national and international scenario

(*) referred to the Italian boundary and natural persons.