Intesa Sanpaolo participates in the Global Compact Advanced Programme and reports on actions taken in compliance with its commitments in the “Advanced Level” disclosure available on the Global Compact website

  The 10 PrinciplesPerformance Indicators
HUMAN RIGHTS @ 1. Promote and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights within their spheres of influence Human Rights: G4-HR2 (Investments), G4-HR8 (Indigenous Rights), G4-HR9 (Assessment), G4-HR12 (Human Rights Grievance Mechanisms) Society: G4-SO1, G4-SO2 (Local Communities)
  2. Make sure that they are not complicit, albeit indirectly, in human rights abuse Human Rights: G4-HR1 (Investment)
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3. Uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining Organisational profile: G4-11 (Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements) Human Rights: G4-HR4 (Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining) Labour: G4-LA4 (Labour/Management Relations)
  4. Eliminate all forms of forced or compulsory labour Human Rights: G4-HR6 (Forced or Compulsory Labour)  
  5. Ensure the effective abolition of child labour Human Rights: G4-HR5 (Child Labour)
  6. Eliminate all forms of discrimination in employment and occupation Organisational profile: G4-10 (Employees by type) Economic: G4-EC5, G4-EC6 (Market Presence) Labour practices and decent work: G4-LA1, LA3 (Employment); G4-LA9, G4-LA11 (Training and Education); G4-LA12 (Diversity and Equal Opportunities); G4-LA13 (Equal Remuneration for Women and Men) Human Rights: G4-HR3 (Non-discrimination)
ENVIRONMENTAL @ 7. Support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges Economic: G4-EC2 (Economic Performance) Environment: G4-EN1 (Materials); G4-EN3 (Energy) G4-EN8 (Water); G4-EN15, G4-EN16, G4-EN17, G4-EN21 (Emissions); G4-EN27 (Products and Services) G4-EN31 (Overall)
  8. Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility Environment: G4-EN1, EN2 (Materials); G4-EN3, G4-EN4, G4-EN5, G4-EN6, G4-EN7 (Energy); G4-EN8, G4-EN15, G4-EN16, G4-EN17, G4-EN18, G4-EN19, G4-EN21 (Emissions), G4-EN23, (Effluents and Waste); G4-EN27, (Products and Services); G4-EN29 (Compliance); G4-EN30 (Transport); G4-EN31 (Overall); G4-EN34 (Environmental Grievance Mechanisms)
  9. Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies Environment: G4-EN6, G4-EN7 (Energy); G4-EN19 (Emissions); G4-EN27 (Products and Services); G4-EN31 (Overall)
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10. Promote initiatives to work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery Ethics and Integrity: G4-56, G4-57, G4-58 Society: G4-SO3, G4-SO4, G4-SO5 (Anti-corruption); G4-SO6 (Public Policy)