Redesigning the Bank’s main operating processes from scratch on the basis of the needs of the customer: this is the aim of the “Digital Factory” initiative, launched in 2015 to modernise the Group’s operating model, accelerating innovation and digitalisation, and to switch from processes designed by the Bank for the Bank to processes designed with Customers for Customers. The project forms part of the digital transformation procedure undertaken by Intesa Sanpaolo in recent years that aims to digitalise processes, keeping a close eye on containing costs and continuously improving efficiency.

The activity focuses on 40 of the Bank’s priority processes which currently involve 80% of colleagues and which were chosen on the basis of two main factors: business potential and digitalisation potential. As such, the relevance for the customer in terms of needs and requirements was taken into account, as was the complexity of the process and its real automation potential.

The redesign of each process combines four key objectives: providing the best possible customer experience, radically transforming the process through simplification and digitalisation, quickly developing the necessary technology to disseminate a new working method.

The activities are organised in phases: each process is reviewed over a period of 16 weeks, at the end of which a “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) is issued - a first set of priority functions that are then gradually incremented until the process is completed. Customers are involved in all phases of the project through surveys and feedback: need assessment through the organisation of targeted focus groups, interviews and surveys; definition of KPIs for the monitoring of results in terms of customer satisfaction; testing of the solutions developed through workshops in which prototypes can be tried together with customers.

The review of each process involves multidisciplinary work teams that include resources from all company departments impacted by the specific process being redesigned who share physical work spaces and timetables for a set amount of time. This makes it possible to assess the professional expertise within the Group, favouring the generation of ideas and reducing planning and realisation times to a minimum.

The redesign of the processes for the authorisation and renegotiation of private loans was completed in 2015, reaching important customer experience improvement goals and carrying out the automation and rationalisation of some phases. In 2016 the redesign of the inheritance process will be completed with the aim of speeding up and simplifying the actions incumbent on the customer at such a delicate time, beginning with the digitalisation of the required documents and the possibility of managing the process in any Group branch, guaranteeing that it is tracked at all times. Activities on the proactive credit management process for Businesses and Corporate are also ongoing with the aim of identifying critical positions in good time, defining the necessary actions to recover them, and simplifying the work of Managers, guaranteeing a structured view of the portfolio as well as an individual customer-level view.

The “Digital Factory” project was awarded with the “Cerchio d’Oro Award for Financial Innovation” by AIFIn, with a special mention in the “Operations, Organisation, IT and HR” category.


In a challenging context that requires increasingly extensive and intensive recourse to data, Intesa Sanpaolo has launched the “Big Financial Data” project with the aim of improving the structural management of all the Bank’s data through technology and organisational measures. The focus goes beyond merely financial data to encompass all of the Bank’s information assets (“Big Data”) and produce benefits on multiple levels: from the strengthening of risk control to the improvement of commercial effectiveness.

As part of the project, in association with academic institutions and innovative companies, the Big Data Development Laboratory was launched, a physical and technology-driven site for the permanent innovation of data where the first Intesa Sanpaolo data scientists work. The “Intesa Sanpaolo Data Academy”, a training course for Bank resources, was introduced to further expand the activities of the Laboratory, and partnerships were launched with top Italian universities for the intake of resources at the end of dedicated post-graduate courses.