This capital includes intellectual assets connected with the value of knowledge and infrastructural assets such as the technology and branch networks that enable Intesa Sanpaolo to be present all over the different local areas and close to its customers. The ability to develop innovation is reflected in internal organisation methods and the ability to identify and support the value of industrial projects that stem from research and development.

for the BUSINESS
IMPAcTs on
  • No. of branches: over 5,200
  • No. ATMs: over 7,000
  • Investment in technology*: € 663 million 
  • Structure dedicated to innovation and network of Specialists across the local areas served

        * Capital and financial account

        • No. customers with multi-channel contracts: 6.3 mln**
        • Proximity to customers: branch market share of at least 12% in most Italian regions
        • Digital Factory fully operative with the goal of innovating and improving priority operating processes
        • Innovative range of products and services and possibility of cross- and up-selling
        • Innovation consultancy and support for business customers in their strategic choices, supporting their competitiveness in the medium and long term
        • Creation of growth opportunities for customers, leading to sales agreements, partnerships, technology transfer, business acquisitions

        ** Italy, natural persons and legal entities

          • Better customer experience, meeting of new requirements and consolidation of relations
          • Contribution to the innovation of the country’s businesses, particularly SMEs
          • Development opportunities for Startups and innovative SMEs, uniting the ecosystem and involving the trade associations
          • Support for new businesses and creation of new jobs and economic development
          • Loans for corporate innovation (Nova+): starting from 2011, almost 1.4 bn euro

          Innovation for growth

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          • Business and Small Business Transaction Banking Offer (Inbiz)
          • Customer digital security
          • Digitisation
          • Mobile payments (SETEFI)
          • Multi-channel services in the International Subsidiary Banks
          • Customer Experience and Branch Layout
          • Evolution of Self Banking systems
          • Digital Factory
          • Big Financial Data
          • TechMarketplace
          • Opportunity Network
          • Match Making Tech platform - Expo 2015
          • Start-up Initiative
          • Created in Italia
          • Circular Economy

          SMART BANK - initiatives aimed at the growth of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group: research into innovative solutions for the development of products, services and processes in the banking sector

          SMART BIZ - initiatives aimed at the growth of businesses in the local area

          SMART PEOPLE - initiatives to improve people’s quality of life

          Multi-channel bank

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          • Nuove Filiali
          • Sportelli Bancomat
          • Clienti Retail
          • Mobile Banking
          • Clienti Imprese