In accordance with the Business Plan, the 2015 Training activities focused on updating the skills necessary for the ongoing consolidation of the company’s expertise, and specific support for change, with projects designed to support the evolution of the banking sector and the needs of customers without neglecting the expectations of all stakeholders. In fact, the Bank continued to invest in the organisation of custom training initiatives dedicated to enhancing the skills of all Group employees, in Italy and abroad, through constant support for the evolution of the roles in the various professional areas and the focus on improving the ability of the people to adapt to continuous change and the new service requirements.

In 2015 the LED protocol was once again applied as the standard for planning all new courses included in the permanent and custom training catalogue with the ongoing monitoring of the management and development of social learning platforms supporting the various "learning" communities (Managerial and Professional). This was accompanied by an evolution of the distance training methods with the continued production of single teaching units that could be freely chosen by users as required (“ready to use”), also developed in association with the users themselves through the “rapid learning” lessons. In addition, some courses recreate virtual situations in which colleagues can verify their knowledge/behaviour before examining in greater depth only the content deemed necessary based on their answers in an adaptive learning context. In 2015 the remote classroom became a regular training channel and more investments were made for the recording and production of training videos. Through the remote classroom channel it is also possible to hold seminars with a maximum of 250 participants in training rooms with 30 participants with high levels of interactivity (shared blackboard, surveys etc.) and with synchronised and non-synchronised video lessons.

The “Flexible Work” project (see “The quality of life in the company” @) was supported by special training that was provided to all managers and resources involved in the trial. Half-day classroom sessions were held for managers, while online training based on informative tips, the in-depth analysis of different themes and educasts was provided for all employees (over 3,000 at the end of 2015). The courses were preceded by a number of in-depth project focus groups (around 40 people were involved in two classroom days).

For a Bank serving households and businesses

Many training initiatives have supported the development of the skills required to improve the quality of the service provided to Household and Corporate customers.

2015 saw the continuation of the training and change management programme "Insieme per la crescita" for the spread of excellent service practices across the Banca dei Territori Division, which can improve both customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of the employees directly involved. A team formed of Network personnel identified indispensable, virtuous and ethically responsible behaviour to develop and promote with customers. The practices identified stemmed from a process of definition and sharing with the people affected by the change of the model, through specific focus and exchange workshops. The behaviour identified takes account of five macro activities that take place in branches: welcoming, transactions, relations, development and management/coordination. As well as classroom training activities, the project is supplemented with the online “Pro” platform dedicated to the Network professionals who, in this initiative, help participants to effectively implement what they shared and learned, and to explain and discuss good practices. The aim is to improve business results and customer and employee satisfaction, and to this end constant monitoring is carried out using specific indicators. In 2015 the model was extended to all remaining branches. In 2015 there were 28,500 unique accesses to the platform.

To refocus the service model on the Retail, Personal and Corporate areas a change management training programme was launched which involved around 4,400 people. In fact, the strong emphasis on innovation and the multi-channel approach, as well as the significant managerial exchange introduced by the new model required a development of a new operating method both within the Regional Governance Centres and among the various areas and the Bank’s customers. In this context, the training initiatives were personalised, in terms of method and content, for the various Banca dei Territori managerial figures: Regional Managers, Area Managers, Sales Managers and Branch Managers. More specifically, Branch Managers received three days of training each: the first two were entitled “Working together to serve the customers” and focused on leadership and the need to adopt managerial practices in tune with the ongoing transformation of the market, labour and customers; the third, called “Me and my team”, focused on the need to plan staff relations on a daily basis, adopting management styles that fit with their professional growth and maturity and with commercial action requirements. 

Again focused on serving the customers, the “Integrated multi-channel approach” project is designed to strengthen the integration between branch activities and the digital channels, and transfer the ability to provide customers with new remote services and products. All the new instruments available were examined through specific online training lessons. A social learning platform then made it possible to widely disseminate the training content (making written communication more effective) and, through chats and social instruments, to share successful and widespread “multi-channel” experiences. The PRO platform on integrated multi-channel issues was accessed 16,661 times.

VIVIDIGITALE - Spread of Digital Culture

The growing digitisation of customer interaction, a process that has been ongoing for some time in all sectors, calls for new service models and an important evolution in the role of the Bank. The 2014-2017 Business Plan will enable the Bank to be competitive in the new macroeconomic scenario, confirming its leading role in Italy, the Group’s key market, and strengthening its competitiveness in the most important international markets. To support these goals, it is necessary to invest in the ongoing development and improvement of the digital skills of our people and customers. In April, a working group was set up which, through a brainshop, defined initiatives that were launched in the Banca dei Territori Division in the second half of the year with the aim of supplying training activities that supplement traditional activities with new methods of engagement in order to increase the ability of Branch network employees to exploit digital services and technologies and, at the same time, helping customers to become more familiar with the Bank’s digital services.

As regards the extension of the training offer to the International Subsidiary Banks, in 2015 the initiatives aimed at developing innovative global management skills continued, fostering the integration of corporate behaviour throughout the Group and breaking down cultural barriers with classroom and remote initiatives. More specifically, in 2015 the two focus issues were credit, through the “Advisory Opinion” course which involved 195 employees from all the International Subsidiary Banks, and language training, with the “WEnglish” initiative, a 6-month programme that includes e-learning activities and live sessions with coaches. The initiative involves 10 international banks and 211 employees. As regards the development of courses on the e-learning platform in the four Subsidiaries that use the Group platform, 92 local courses were held on various subjects - Anti-money laundering, Risk, Credit, Products and Services, Commercial Approach etc. - and 5,748 people took part. The use of the managerial catalogue also continued, even in support of the post-managerial assessment phase. Indeed, it was extended and now covers 20 courses consistent with the Group’s model of expertise.

A culture of risk awareness

The culture of risk governance and the risk control system has strategic importance and must occupy an increasingly important position on the company’s scale of values. The culture of risk awareness and controls does not only regard the company departments dedicated to monitoring this area, but involves the entire company (governing bodies, structures, organisation levels, employees). To spread this culture and increase the awareness of these issues, various training initiatives were planned with the aim of involving all the company employees in a gradual and targeted way. The initiatives are supported and enhanced by a special section dedicated to risk awareness and control systems on the Regulatory Training portal. Alongside the permanent offer, available through the two “learning gateways”, the Management School and MiaFormazione, the employees of the various Bank Departments were involved in over a hundred custom projects. Multiple managerial and behavioural themes were addressed, including, for example: business collaboration, leadership, teamwork, ageing, managing complexity, wellbeing and resilience.

In 2015, “Master Class” - the skills acceleration and development project that involved 22 colleagues - focused on Compliance themes and was developed in association with SDA Bocconi (School of Management). The project consists of a 6-month accelerated training and development course, structured into a dynamic sequence of technical and on-the-job training with periodic sessions to monitor the level of learning and proficiency demonstrated during the field activities and projects in the Departments. At the end of the course SDA Bocconi awards participants a certificate attesting the skills they have acquired.

“Dimensione Impresa” is a modular training plan designed to accompany the introduction of the new service model for businesses. It is designed to foster significant growth in technical expertise and “advanced” management behaviour in relations with Corporate customers. The ultimate goal is to generate a virtuous advisory and business cycle that benefits all stakeholders and spread a culture that is able to detect the extent of risk in preventive as well as final terms. For this purpose, training projects were launched in the Banca dei Territori Division that enable Managers to continuously provide entrepreneurs with partnership services aimed at anticipating both risks and opportunities in complex and dynamic contexts.