Employment is one of the priority areas in which we are working to motivate and engage people in terms of flexibility, efficiency and productivity.

In 2015 the Group, which has over 87,600 employees, recruited 2,842 people (792 in Italy and 2,050 abroad). At Group level the number of women reached 53.2% and the investment in the future through the introduction of young resources, over 1,550, continued in line with company objectives.

The Group workforce turnover rate of -1.36% is in line with the planned structural action.

In terms of job protection, one of the goals of the Business Plan is the reabsorption of 4,500 employees between 2014 and 2017 onto priority initiatives; 4,230 had already been reabsorbed by 2015 (95% of the 2017 goal), on the understanding, however, that the reabsorption process can only be considered as consolidated when the Business Plan income and asset goals have been achieved. For Intesa Sanpaolo, the speed of the requalification and reassignment process is very important so that those in new roles can begin to play an active role in helping to achieve the goals of the Business Plan.

Employer Branding and Recruiting

The Bank’s partnerships with leading Italian universities in the area of career guidance and recruitment continued in 2015. Numerous Employer Branding activities were carried out in Italy and abroad with the aim of supporting students and graduates as they take their first steps in the working world: internships and career guidance placements, the career days, the meetings and workshops held by employees from the various Group companies and the sponsorships and study grants for specialist post-graduate Master’s degrees are the main ways in which the Bank supported talented young adults entering the job market in Italy and abroad.

More specifically, 50 initiatives were organised at academic institutions and on Bank premises, in Italy and abroad, with the involvement of around 80 employees from the various Group companies in the role of Employer Ambassador. Furthermore, 175 internships were offered.

The activities to strengthen Intesa Sanpaolo’s reputation as an excellent place to work in Italy and abroad continued on LinkedIn, as suggested by the strong growth in the number of followers of the company page (+ 75% in 2015 compared with 2014). During the year, 644 expert candidates identified via this channel were assessed during the recruitment phase.

Intesa Sanpaolo was the leading bank in the “InDemand” Top 50 Employers ranking, which classifies the most sought-after companies on the basis of the interactions of professionals registered on LinkedIn. The areas considered include: level of engagement, interaction with internship and job opportunities published, and the number of people reached by the content.