The Business Plan identified the development and motivation of people and the strengthening of their sense of belonging as some of the key levers for meeting the Group’s strategic objectives. This approach materialised through the free issuing of Intesa Sanpaolo shares and the possibility of accessing investment plans (LEICOP Plans) that enable employees to participate in sharing the value created during the course of the Business Plan. A significant commitment was also made to investing in actions and processes to drive the engagement and motivation of people, developing concrete ways of promoting merit, professionalism and expertise with targeted growth projects and paths for motivated and talented people. Value was created through an industrial relations system capable of maintaining social cohesion and developing innovative, sustainable solutions focused on the enhancement of the integrated welfare system for employees and their families. Finally, we continued to invest in ongoing training, focusing on important projects in support of the Bank's strategic decisions.

Enhancing and motivating

The “On Air” platform for the professional management and development of the Group has been extended to all employees in the Parent Company Head Office Departments and Banca dei Territori Division. On Air promotes employee motivation through a structured process of self-nomination for assessment procedures, which are followed by personalised enhancement and empowerment plans aimed at stimulating professional growth and development. The platform ensures the constant monitoring and enhancement of people as part of a process to develop employees so they can cover managerial roles in the future.

Individual motivation is therefore the distinctive feature of On Air, the basis for identifying merit and launching professional development paths that respect the values of inclusiveness and promotion of diversity. In 2015, the assessment activities involved over 1,300 people with the launch of 1,475 development plans (also relating to assessments carried out in 2014). Managerial assessment activities continue in parallel.

In response to the evolution of the context and the appearance of new roles, and thanks to the mapping of the expertise, skills, motivation and attitudes voluntarily made available by people in On Air, the “Direct Job Offering” process became fully operational and made it possible to carry out targeted job search campaigns based on the profiles of open positions and the expertise required in the Company. According to a "corporate job market” logic, it was possible to create cross-department growth opportunities for interested and motivated employees. In 2015, 2,046 employees were contacted.

A Managerial Assessment project, primarily aimed at second line managers of the International Subsidiary Banks, was also carried out in all the International Subsidiaries within the scope of consolidation, for a total of 286 managers. The results of the assessments have already been communicated to all the companies that took part. The aim of the project was to highlight the target population’s compliance with the new Group managerial expertise model and define development initiatives in line with the improvement areas underlined by the assessment at both individual international bank and cross-country level. In line with the action taken in Italy, in order to locally support managerial development, the International Subsidiary Banks were given a tool, called ‘International Consequence Management’, which makes it possible to create courses to strengthen the expertise considered improvable by the Assessments.

Through a specific dedicated structure, it is possible to contribute to developing and disseminating throughout the Group a culture of recognising and promoting merit and talent, making today’s managers aware of the importance of respecting the growth and development of tomorrow’s managers. To this end, a Group Talent Management System is being developed with the aim of contributing to the identification and development of the next generation of managers through specific training initiatives and development paths, also at the international level, designed to create highly expert specialist and managerial figures. In this initial phase, the system will focus on enhancing talented individuals with specific qualities already present in the Group, guiding them towards more complex roles.

Human resources development continued in the business Divisions in 2015 also by way of specific initiatives. As regards the Corporate and Investment Banking Division, the attention was focused on projects to enhance areas of excellence (“Compass” project), and individual development programmes (“360° managerial feedback”) with around 200 assessments carried out in all. 2015 also saw the continuation of the empowerment and career guidance project for younger members of the Division (“Imagine”), with the involvement of around 45 employees, their managers and the Division’s Human Resources team. Since 2009, the year the initiative was launched, more than 500 people have been involved in the project.

International career paths

Intesa Sanpaolo seeks to develop and motivate its people also through the creation of international and inter-departmental career paths. International mobility is therefore currently regarded as a strategic management tool both for the development of the skills and expertise of resources and for the strengthening and consolidation of a common culture at Group level.

2015 saw the continuation of the ‘Brain Swap’ project, a 15-day cultural and professional exchange experience for people belonging to the Corporate & Investment Banking Division. Brain Swap is a training initiative that increases sharing, business collaboration and synergies between the head office structures and the international network. Since 2012, the year the initiative was launched, 75 participants and 48 Tutors have been involved.

2015 saw the final on-the-job training courses of the “MIpath” project, which aims to create and implement international training and development courses dedicated to employees of the International Subsidiary Banks. A total of 45 courses were held as of 2014. Following the same format, a number of individual courses were held for Department Heads in the International Subsidiary Banks Division, in line with the organisational review aimed at implementing the service model.