The products and services dedicated to this type of customers take into consideration the specific needs of simplicity and enhancement of relations with the Bank that have consolidated over time. The Intesa Sanpaolo offer features three lines of dedicated products: “Carta Pensione”, “Libretto Pensione per te” and “Conto Facile” that, for account-holders and their joint holders over 65, provides, in addition to the conditions valid for all customers, the opportunity to join the free "Senior Health" programme.

As at 31/12/2015 the following products had been subscribed to: 4,037 “Carta pensione” cards, 23,863 “Libretto pensione” accounts and there were more than 240,000 over 65 joint holders of the "Conto Facile” account.

The range dedicated to Senior customers is completed by the Basic Account, created to comply with regulations introduced in 2012 for financial inclusion purposes. The account is dedicated to customers with limited banking needs and envisages low management costs, particularly for socially disadvantaged customers.

Given the aims of this product, Intesa Sanpaolo chose to make its Basic Account product even more convenient, guaranteeing more transactions free of charge than the limits established in regulations.

As at 31 December 2015, 11,671 Basic Accounts had been opened, of which: 1,210 by socially disadvantaged customers, 4,041 by holders of pensions of up to 18,000 euro per year and 6,420 by customers not belonging to these categories.

The main banking component of the product range, with services that are simpler and more transparent and meet protection needs, was backed by a non-banking component relating to health, welfare and recreation, for example including: protection for unforeseen events, doctors and healthcare facilities accessible at preferential terms, social, welfare and tax-related services at subsidised conditions or even free of charge, and opportunities to purchase recreational products and services at bargain prices.

In a scenario of rising healthcare costs for households, the “Riconoscimento Salute Senior” service was consolidated, which provides access to medical, dental and physiotherapy services at subsidised rates from more than 280 partner healthcare facilities. Moreover, a free telephone booking system is available for medical services (visits, tests, etc.) at participating facilities and additional paid services, such as home delivery of test results, a Second Opinion, a medical and pharmaceutical advice service, ambulance or taxi service and the ability to request a house call by a general practitioner. During the year, more than 53,000 customers over the age of 65 accessed this programme.

The offer of the International Subsidiary Banks targeting this customer segment is diversified.

Current accounts dedicated to pensioners are part of the offer of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania (over 3,500 accounts), Alexbank (over 5,000 accounts) and VÚB Banka (over 7,700 accounts).

The Croatian bank Privredna Banka Zagreb provides current accounts to pensioners on favourable terms (over 174 thousand accounts for seniors/retired customers, of which about 7,300 open in 2015) and dedicated loans (in 2015 around 4,128 million euro were disbursed).

Specific products for pensioners are offered in Serbia too, with loans for 43 million euro, in Bosnia Erzegovina, where loans in 2015 reached over 17 million euro and in Slovenia with over 240,000 euro granted.