In 2015 the economic value generated by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group1 exceeded 15.6 billion euro. This amount expresses the value of the wealth produced, most of which distributed among the stakeholders with which the Group interacts in various ways on a day-to-day basis. In particular:

  • employees and other staff benefited from over 38% of the economic value generated, for a total of 6 billion euro. In addition to staff pay, the total also includes payments to the network of financial advisors;
  • suppliers received approximately 17% of the economic value generated, for a total of 2.7 billion euro in payment for goods and services;
  • the State, Organisations and Institutions recorded a total flow of funds of approximately 2.9 billion euro, equal to around 19% of the economic value generated and referring for approximately 1.5 billion to current income taxes, for over 900 million to direct and indirect taxes and for 516 million to costs related to the new bank resolution mechanisms, deposit guarantee schemes and to the bail-ins of four Italian banks placed in receivership. In addition to the specific income allocation by the Parent Company and certain Group companies to Charity Funds as well as to donations and gifts (12 million euro in total), there were numerous social and cultural initiatives and measures taken through Charity Funds and social and cultural donations set up by the Parent Company in past years;
  • approximately 16% of the economic value generated was allocated to Shareholders and minority interests, largely in terms of the proposed dividend, for a total of 2.4 billion euro;
  • the remaining amount, about 1.6 billion euro, was withheld by the corporate system. This refers to deferred tax assets and liabilities, amortisation, and provisions for risks and charges. Self-financing is considered an investment that other stakeholder categories make each year to maintain efficiency and allow development of the Bank as a whole.

  Employees and collaborators - 6,031 38.6
  Suppliers - 2,676 17.1
  State, Entities and Institutions, Community - 2,932 18.7
  Shareholders and Third Parties - 2,448 15.6

Economic value generated in 2015

1 The economic value generated is calculated in accordance with ABI instructions and consistent with international reference standards. The calculation is made by reclassifying consolidated income statement items recorded in the financial statements, as required under Bank of Italy Circular no. 262.